The man from Utopia: story of a win-win ethical mindset

Let’s assume we could provide everyone on Earth with an appropriate quantity of high-quality proteins, with no environmental impact. No air and water pollution, no need to grow huge amounts of corn whatsoever.

Let’s assume we could do that without even causing pain to any of our friends animals.

Would you still be vegetarian?

On top of that, let’s add a growing body of research showing that “current dietary protein recommendations may not be sufficient to promote optimal muscle health in all populations.”

How would you deal with that?



Some days ago, I was having lunch with some new friends after visiting a cognitive science’s class in Rovereto. You know what’s going to happen after half the group orders a vegetarian sandwich. Well, that’s what happens in Italy most of the time. “Vegetarian” label might have done more harm than good since it was adopted as an ethical choice.

Everyone would come up with their sincere stories, providing reasonable arguments backing their own decision to join the vegetarians, whether to try any other diet. There’s so much fun and discoveries to talk about, and that surely is a great conversational topic. Still, I miss the ambition of striving for a win-win solution.

When I told my friends about Modern Meadow, a culturing cells research project, everyone stared at me like I came from Utopia. I asked them to reconsider their opinions with this new piece of information. No way. Where they just scared of such a futuristic perspective blowing away all of their ethical positions, suddenly so out of date?



I believe in win-win solutions. I believe we may solve any big technical issue, given the tools we are empowered by nowadays. This is what I call innovation. But there’s a huge amount of mental energy and monetary resources blocked by our fear to question basic assumptions. We ain’t tools to overcome self-imposed obstacles. We need a new attitude.

To everyone who’s not demanding from him/herself and from people around him or her to rethink what’s taken for granted: you’re not helping the world to develop. You are not less a valuable person, but I won’t support you while affirming you’re acting for a better cause. I won’t support you while pretending to polarize opinions for good’s sake.

Being vegetarian is cool until it makes you feel good and less ashamed about the negative impact mankind seems to have on planet Earth. Plan to be vegetarian until new technologies won’t be developed and appropriately tested. But please do not tease who’s coming up with alternative solutions. What we really need is people who are able to think inclusively, to convince themselves that choosing out of a scarcity mindset is not a conscious choice.


Enjoy the title’s inspirational source!