Values takeover

Could businesses actively influence political affairs?

Forget about bribes and college friendships.

States survive protecting people who live within a certain place. Their distinctive attribute is to be limited by physical borders.

Enterprises consist of people who share an idea, however messy it might be. It shall be stated in the corporate mission, either conveyed through the culture. It should make employees stick around for a while.

In ancient times, kings moved their armies and conquered the masses. Nowadays, CEOs put their best effort into building dreamlike space crafts to draw the talented crowd.

People gather around powerful ideas. Those which enlarge match the deepest needs of freedom and expression.

Politically skeptical, I believe corporations can have a large impact on those we care about. If Google implemented a policy that provided extra payments to same-sex couples to cover the additional income tax imposed by the US government, while heterosexual married couples do not have to pay that – why is anyone waiting for the government to fix any problem?

Politicians are no longer uniquely responsible for meeting our needs. Business gives plenty of room to grow new solutions.

What could you do for the people you care about?