Climbing the mountain of a wholehearted life

Every time I recognise I should “Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time“, linking ideas together becomes quite scary. I don’t know how to fit the urgency of instantaneous, meaningful expression with the long, though building process any great ideal lays its foundation upon.

I’m constantly confronting with “the only thing I could bring to the world”, without deceiving myself of being special, somehow different and entitled, rather than simply me.

I came up to define storytelling as the greatest way to pursue value expression without telling anyone what to do or not to do. It became the milestone of my authorial project. “It’s so much easier to be a critic than a celebrator” – what the former lacks, is the vulnerability the latter needs in order to express his feelings.

mountain-climbers-2Today, I decided a little chapter had to be written. Being lost and torn are no less valuable feelings than the praised ones.

Aware of the fact that “The myth of our potential can make of our lives a perpetual falling-short, a continual and continuing loss, a sustained and sometimes sustaining rage“, being able to cope with failure “begins with the idea that the best way to deal with a feeling is to realize that it’s yours“. Being curious about it it’s the simplest, yet less obvious step to elaborate complex emotional states.

Climbing the mountain of a wholehearted life is at the very beginning – maybe, it will always be. I should never forget that those simple, first steps are nothing less than the last mile.