I can’t get no…satisssfaction.

I’d like to thank all those little kids who made it through the Stanford marshmallow experiment. Delayed gratification has become so juicy – every time I think of it, I drool like a pavlovian dog.

It was tough, though. Think of that kid who had to stop himself from taking the candy. Would you have done the same? That is why I’m so fond of them, and of whom made the experiment happen. I’m going to repeat last Seth Godin’s Keynote, because this message can’t ever be sufficiently underlined:

To eat one marshmallow or two marshmallows?

Those who made it through successfully, kept these two ideas in their head at the same time.

When struggling to make anything happen, it all comes to the same issue: It might work, it might not work. The only way to do something new, is to keep both of those ideas at the same time.

It is all about creating a personal, brand-new blend of the original koan that drives us crazy. It is not easy. But we keep doing it.

Meditation plays a major role in developing such a mindset. It teaches you how to bear with multiple thoughts, while the mind is running all over the places like a crazy monkey. They call it presence, dude. Because at the very end, it is all a matter of attitude.

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