Stretching selves

When we don’t like the idea of changing oneself, and we feel uncomfortable about that, it might be that we are stuck into the fixed-identity mindset. Who are you, though? Identity is what produces behaviors, beliefs, actions. If it were anyone who could change them, guess what, that one is you. If you were taught […]


Expression is a final act. Everything that has ever been thought comes to somehow impact the world. I just had some insights about the way I do it and…I’d like to express them. I’ve been noticing that I too often speak as if I were a broadcaster, when I’m actually advising myself out loud. I […]

The War of Art – An Ego review

Ego. Short word. Major depletion. “Ego is a shame”. “I’ll tell you how little and dirty you are by the number of times you name yourself.” Hellz yes. “Ego is the cause of all your sufferings”. I had a tough time with my ego. Everything seemed to be wrong with him. I housed every deadly weapon […]

Free thoughts, free questions

All’attrazione associamo emozioni positive, alla repulsione sentimenti negativi. Perchè? La scienza tenta di dimostrarci come queste due forze siano complementari, neutre e sullo stesso piano. Eppure queste due forze scatenano in noi sentimenti opposti. Perché? Forse che l’attrazione sia una forza destinata a prevalere, modellata dal nostro profondo desiderio d’unione, per quanto tale processo porti […]