Stretching selves

When we don’t like the idea of changing oneself, and we feel uncomfortable about that, it might be that we are stuck into the fixed-identity mindset. Who are you, though? Identity is what produces behaviors, beliefs, actions. If it were anyone who could change them, guess what, that one is you. If you were taught […]

The day you became an authentic seller

Probably, sellers are not your best friends out there. I used to visualize┬áthem as hinky guys, trying ways to sophisticatedly fool me. Probably, I just met the wrong people over and over. Whenever we want to buy something, we want a change to happen. We want to change our status, fashion, life habits, social behaviours. […]


[…] he has been searching for patterns in what affects people’s “inner” lives the most dramatically. The answer, it turned out, is simply progress. A sense of forward motion. Regardless how small. Minor victories at work were nearly as psychologically powerful as major breakthroughs. Shane Snow At this point of the reading, I remembered my […]