Exploring the dimension of giving

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.


I feel the need to focus on something valuable to do. What is the contribution I want to give to the world?

Yesterday evening, while I was going through the latest Anthony Robbin’s book, I realized that relationships grow through giving. The focus was specific on money, and I felt quite ashamed. I am not willing to give money away (I don’t feel I have them, btw), have been conditioned by painful past experiences. I gave money away to people that were not thankful, and I lost the good taste of giving. It all comes to the understanding of seeing what others actually need, and try to provide them the best, which usually is not money. Generosity is not one-direction based, it is established upon the feeling that comes together with the giving act.

Simone Weil saw attention as the highest form of love. I have plenty of time, I’m so lucky to be able to choose where to focus it. I would start from here!

I believe that true action comes out of inspiration. I want to influence people around me, for the better. Right now, inspiration I mostly get comes from different authors, and I feel incomplete and unworthy just to share their thoughts by clicking a button on my FB account. I want to be inspired to produce something on my own, without feeling ashamed of not being the original author – not yet! – because ideas have no owners, just great channels to be spread through. And let everything else happen.