AR – Action Required

I used to think that I only needed to know a little more to make a difference. Years passed by, and I feel I’ve missed something. Often enough, I haven’t been able to put that into action. Who’s to blame? No one. No one could set the right path for me. No one but me. While committing […]

“I’ll tell you a story”

Sometimes I feel I will never be ready to publish that blog post. Until I do it within a few minutes. Sometimes it seems something is always missing. I tell myself to wait until I will be able to fill the gap. Until I will be able to tell the whole story. Until I would […]

Feeling over the bump

  If you were asking for my bucket of core beliefs, I wouldn’t hesitate to name this: self-education.   This week I’ve gone through some articles about building a real-world MBA. That would mean having several grands to play with. Here’s what I have: no money, but plenty of time. Consider to gather the best […]

Values takeover

Could businesses actively influence political affairs? Forget about bribes and college friendships. States survive protecting people who live within a certain place. Their distinctive attribute is to be limited by physical borders. Enterprises consist of people who share an idea, however messy it might be. It shall be stated in the corporate mission, either conveyed through […]

Climbing the mountain of a wholehearted life

Every time I recognise I should “Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time“, linking ideas together becomes quite scary. I don’t know how to fit the urgency of instantaneous, meaningful expression with the long, though building process any great ideal lays its foundation upon. I’m constantly confronting with “the only thing I could bring to the world”, […]

I can’t get no…satisssfaction.

I’d like to thank all those little kids who made it through the Stanford marshmallow experiment. Delayed gratification has become so juicy – every time I think of it, I drool like a pavlovian dog. It was tough, though. Think of that kid who had to stop himself from taking the candy. Would you have done […]

Personal Development, Ph. D.

Passion. Rejection. Awe. It is not a medieval love affair. It is a story about me and science. Holy teen ages. While studying in Russia, the self-made weekly schedule almost looked like this: 4hours math, 7hours physics, 3hours chemistry. Mates didn’t call me Stephen. Scientific subjects were easier to understand due to latin terminology, and […]


Expression is a final act. Everything that has ever been thought comes to somehow impact the world. I just had some insights about the way I do it and…I’d like to express them. I’ve been noticing that I too often speak as if I were a broadcaster, when I’m actually advising myself out loud. I […]

The War of Art – An Ego review

Ego. Short word. Major depletion. “Ego is a shame”. “I’ll tell you how little and dirty you are by the number of times you name yourself.” Hellz yes. “Ego is the cause of all your sufferings”. I had a tough time with my ego. Everything seemed to be wrong with him. I housed every deadly weapon […]

FOMO and books

It’s been a little while since myself and stressful thoughts signed an agreement: to become friends. Umberto Eco’s ode to unread books made me feel another footstep has been done on the journey. I looked at my little library. Well, I told myself, I am 23 and I have not that much of unfinished books on […]


Warning. This post was born out of a burning desire, when an endless overflow of words began to fill the blanks in The War of Art. It has been like assisting to the re-birth of the Phoenix.   IChing was the first book that made me seriously think of persistence as the mother of skills, way […]

How do Happiness & Money go together?

Money, money, money… it’s a simple, yet contentious reserve of value. How has it come to be so important? Money is an agreement, a form of self-fulfilling trust. It is a measure – how valuable is our behavior on the planet? Sometimes we are granted with money, with a smile, or with a punch in the face. The […]

Seeking for a fuckin’ job

This week has been quite a rush. I’ve been looking for all kinds of options that could benefit my entry into the job market. I let myself been caught up in the temp agencies pinwheel, sending CVs; forcing myself to believe that trying to quickly set up a proficient relationship with unknown employers would anyhow provide me faster […]

Exploring the dimension of giving

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. Unknown I feel the need to focus on something valuable to do. What is the contribution I want to give to the world? Yesterday evening, while I was going through the latest Anthony Robbin’s book, I realized that relationships grow […]

What about…conspiracy theories?

I wish I had someone beside me while surfing on the internet, looking for answers. I was just about sixteen when I firstly got to meet conspiracy theories’ mindset. And I had no tools to face it, except my adolescent thinking process. It increasingly influenced my world’s view, until I felt totally powerless and frustrated. […]