While reading the RevolutionU Manifesto by Jonathan Fields, I got into the so called “dictator”. Here it is how Fields explains that:

In politics, very often the dictator is a person and/or a regime. But in the business or for-purpose venture world, very often it’s not an individual. The dictator is:

• A company or institution
• A paradigm or industry
• A defining trait or set of traits
• A societal norm, or even…
• An internal saboteur

Fields wants to name and identify the dictator because

it serves as an incredibly effective way to better understand how to get people out of pain and rally them to your cause.

I started to have a look and identify how the dictator works within myself. My cause is happiness, so it has been a little strange taking this kinda business model and broaden it to spiritual stuff.

Very often my dictator is a little voice. It tells me: “you can’t do it”. Dictator is fine, until you agree with him. Problems start with disagreement. Yes, at some point I decided not to hear it anymore. I discovered the pillars that were supporting the dictator, believes that came out of past experiences when I lived in misalignment between power and will (see also Hasta la victoria, siempre). I wanted to do something, I wanted something to happen, but it didn’t. Where was the problem? Until I kept considering myself way smaller than the Universe, mainly identifying myself with physical and mental bodies, I have been influenced by some higher power (the Universe) I could not stand. Get into an earthquake and try to stop it: it probably won’t work out very well.

I was still struggling, though. Will is sacred, so if I’d like stop an earthquake I should go forward and find out the solution. But I also know that a bigger will lives in my heart: peace. And here it came the next question: what if I’d live the earthquake as a perfect experience? What if I’d be peaceful and calm in such a situation?

Yes, I like mind-boggling questions. Hope you do too.



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