Books (ENG)

The Wisdom of Crowds

The role of collectivity in knowledge-seeking activities has a long and well-documented history; in this classic, Surowiecki defends a positive role for crowd-produced knowledge, especially within economics and prediction science.

The Skeptical Tradition - M. Burnyeat, University of California Press

The Skeptical Tradition

This collection of papers aims at providing a more complete understanding of skepticism's influence on western thought, and how it aroused adequate responses to the problem of knowledge.

Descartes, An analytical and historical introduction (OUP, First Edition), Georges Dicker


A thorough analysis of Descartes' Meditations, provided within a contemporary analytic framework.

The Shape of Ancient Thought by Thomas McEvilley; book cover

The Shape of Ancient Thought

How are western and eastern philosophical traditions intertwined? McEvilley answers to this question in depth: his chapters can be read as brief stories, but the length of the volume keeps the promise of dwelling into lots of historical, philosophical, philological and artistic details.

Micromotives and Macrobehavior

An economic sketch of Nobel Prize winner Thomas Schelling to answer a question that would move any reasonable human being: how do individual, free choices lead to aggregate behaviours that nobody wants?

Explaining Consciousness

A long and detailed examination of a paper series on consciousness studies, modeled after Chalmers' characterization of "the hard problem" of philosophy.

The Bodhisattva's Brain - Buddhism Naturalised by Owen Flanagan philosophy ethics Buddhism Aristotelian ethics

The Bodhisattva's Brain

A brief and critical inquiry into the Buddhist rationale for happiness. Prof. Flanagan teaches philosophy at Duke University.

Consilience - The Unity of Knowledge by Edward Wilson


The father of sociobiology puts together this easy-to-read methodological essay on the scientific method, pushing forward the unity of knowledge as one of the four cardinal principles of the scientific method.

The Big Picture

An ambitious description of the universe from the worldview of a particle physicists.

The Mindful Geek

The guide for those who are intrigued by meditation, though suspicious of being non-sense and woo-woo.

On the Origin of Stories

Biology meets literature in an attempt to trace the evolutionary foundations of storytelling.

The Launch Pad, a journey into startups life at Y Combinator with journalist Randall Stross

The Launch Pad

A captivating chronicle of the life inside Y Combinator, the most famous startup incubator of the Silicon Valley.

Bad Science Boook Cover by Ben Goldacre, talks about the flaws of medicine and science and what we can do about it.

Bad Science

A doctor and social activist describes in detail the dangers of fallacious information around science and medicine in particular.


The Art of Learning

A first-person voyage in the process of what makes learning go meta.

Doing Good Better

The classic manifesto of the Effective Altruism movement.

The Wisest One In The Room - how to harness psychology's most powerful insights

The Wisest One in the Room

Social psychologists Gilovich and Ross try to steal a philosopher's task to tell the reader what will make him wiser.


Creativity, INC.

Ed Catmull, CEO of Pixar Studios, on how he successfully managed one of the most creative enterprises of these days.


Rising Strong

How do people reckon after a failure? Brené Brown sketches a path for getting back up. Supremely human.