Additional Resources – Articles

This section hosts a list of articles that have been published elsewhere.

  • La prova dell’utilitarismo in H. Sidgwick (Jan 2019, Zero Laboratorio di Filosofia): an evaluation of Sidgwick’s proof of utilitarianism, as it can be found in his Methods of Ethics (ITA language).
  • La prova dell’utilitarismo in J.S. MIll (Jan 2019, Zero Laboratorio di Filosofia): a critical examination of Mill’s proof of utilitarianism (ITA language).
  • L’Arbitrarietà del Corpo Umano (Aug 2018, Zero Laboratorio di Filosofia): a summary of the first conference hosted by the Venetian student body “MOS – Ethics Permanent Seminar” in 2017, centred around the human body’s arbitrariness (ITA language).
  • Razionalità, Mistica e Corpo: un Confronto (Aug 2018, Zero Laboratorio di Filosofia): chronicles of an odd juxtaposition, that between prof. Tarca’s metaphysics and Parfit’s theory of personal identity, seasoned with Buddhism (ITA language).
  • Dewey e la Democrazia Radicale, tra Complessità e Intenzionalità Comune (Oct 2017, La Chiave di Sophia): a brief reflection on Dewey’s The Public and Its Problems, in particular of its contemporary relevance for the public integration of the increasing complexity of human knowledge (ITA language).