About this blog

This is nothing but a humble, personal blog. I write for my own satisfaction, and for the pleasure of my readers. The idea of setting up a personal-brand-sounding url was particularly distasteful to me, so here you have the Kumar Project‘s origin explanation at its full length!

All of us, whether had to chose a name for a child, a company, a cricket team, a mouse, a groundbreaking kitchen tool, you name it – know how difficult naming can be. This site was born in fall 2014; back in those days, I liked Indian philosophy and was particularly interested in the works of A. K. Coomaraswamy, an Anglo-Ceylonese philosopher who brough interesting speculations about how to amalgamate Western and Eastern philosophies on metaphysics’ table. So Kumar stemmed from Coomaraswamy’s admiration, and the word’s sanskrit meaning: ‘youthful’.

I almost never think of Coomaraswamy nowadays… but I still like the name. And will I be sufficiently old someday not to think of myself as ‘youthful’ anymore, I may change my mind.