And it’s a global warming buzz again

Climate change. The subtle, drip by drip change which we are not evolutionary wired to detect. The steady pace at which mankind set out to turn its destiny upside down by implementing its thirst for progress – or the mere instinctive drive to develop solutions which prove to ameliorate our contingencies – both interpretations of […]

Redeeming appreciation

Has that indisputable realisation of fooling yourself ever crushed you? Feynman famously put that in plain view: “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool.” This time, a painful awakening struck me while reading How to win friends and influence people – I’ll post a book […]

Diversity: the ultimate collective edge

Become such as you are, having learned what that is. (Pindar)   One can hardly deny to himself the need of saying something. On one hand, one probably cares more about what he says than what he doesn’t. Presumably, the energy he puts into uttering those very words should be of some importance to his survivorship. On […]

Budding philosophers’ techy tools

I just had to get through the entrance philosophy exam here at Ca’ Foscari University. Every sophomore knows it to be a mere formality. Freshmen, of course, don’t. They grapple for some time with the nightmare of learning 100 Greek philosophy terms, until they ask some older students, or simply don’t give a darn about the exam. I […]

Truth: a matter of usefulness?

Truth will set you free, they say. And freedom is usually deemed as good vibe. We feel OK when there is no threat hanging over our heads. Evolution tells us that we have been programmed to feel good when we get out of trouble. When we feel safe, we feel good. That’s what emotions are done for: […]


There are several moments which define one’s life in a way that will be somehow remembered. Two weeks ago, I had a math exam to pass, in order to be accepted by Erasmus Rotterdam University, for the Econometrics B.S. program. I studied hard, and the test was still too difficult to me. I couldn’t pass […]

The power of doublethink

This post is an example of thematic interconnectedness, the meta-cognitive skill of applying a specific learning to other areas. Know more about the broad applications of thematic interconnectedness in this magnificent episode of The Tim Ferriss Show with Josh Waitzkin.   According to Richard Wiseman in his classic 59 Seconds, the concept of doublethink was introduced […]

Best-selling details ain’t coincidences

Has any human being ever paid attention to coincidences, and bothered to give himself an explanation? Everyone has. Humanity has been playing with destiny and randomness since a very long time. And so did I while I was attending high school. I remember walking into the local library and ask for “Synchronicity – An Acausal Connecting Principle”, a […]

Wanna be altruist? You oughta be effective.

Doing good is the purpose that lights up a life. How do we become better at doing good, though? Clearly, passion is not enough. When passion is the ultimate driver, life paths could become narrower and narrower and ultimately kill us. We all had made decisions that should have lead us toward a bright future, and afterwards experienced […]

Stretching selves

When we don’t like the idea of changing oneself, and we feel uncomfortable about that, it might be that we are stuck into the fixed-identity mindset. Who are you, though? Identity is what produces behaviors, beliefs, actions. If it were anyone who could change them, guess what, that one is you. If you were taught […]

The day you became an authentic seller

Probably, sellers are not your best friends out there. I used to visualize them as hinky guys, trying ways to sophisticatedly fool me. Probably, I just met the wrong people over and over. Whenever we want to buy something, we want a change to happen. We want to change our status, fashion, life habits, social behaviours. […]

Ashamed of repeating oneself

Repetition is the mother of skill. There’s nothing to be ashamed about open that inspirational quotes book and read it over and over. Nothing to complain about listening to that enlightening podcast once again. We all feel at some point that we should be able to stand on our own’s feet. That we should have […]

Why I decided to apply for University at age 24

Anyone who knows me just a little, might be surprised from this news: I’m going to University. My fervid support for self-education hasn’t faded – just needed a deep revision in order to grow stronger. Here I’ve collected the main reasons that led me up to this point. I needed to undertake a medium-term challenge. During the […]